Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hell in Heels Teaser #2

Just to get everyone through the next nine days, I'm going to post a teaser from Hell in Heels.  It will be available on April 23rd for all e-reading devices.  Enjoy!

By ten to eight, Nathan was in the lobby, leaning against the wall beside the elevators.  Almost on cue, Amy strolled in.  Damn, she looked good.  Maybe it was his just that he hadn't seen her, but he felt she looked extra-tempting in her pale rose blouse, gray skirt, and pastel pink heels.  When their eyes met, she grinned, her cute dimples peeking out.  She looked happy to see him.  He exhaled deeply, trying to calm himself as she approached him.
 Nathan nodded toward the elevator.   “Want to ride up with me?”
            Amy smiled and shrugged.  “Sure.”
            Nathan led her to an open elevator and they stepped inside.  As the doors closed and he pressed the button for the eighteenth floor, they realized they were the only ones in it.  For a few seconds, he nervously tapped his foot but it didn’t take long for him to relax.
            Nathan looked over Amy’s outfit again, in pure disbelief that a woman who dressed as simply as she did could look so stunning.   “You look good.”
            Amy glanced at Nathan and exhaled audibly.  “Thank you.”
            Nathan caught a whiff of Amy’s perfume and was aroused almost instantly.  This wasn’t normal.  He could always keep his cool around women, even if he was highly attracted to them.  He gripped the bar beside him, striving for control.  This petite little architect had turned his world upside down.  He wasn’t sure he liked it, either.
            Nathan glanced over at Amy and noticed that she was biting on her lip and her hands trembled.  He had a feeling that she’d noticed the effect she’d had on him below the belt.  Damn it, he felt like some type of pervert.  He smelled a girl’s perfume and he got hard?  What was wrong with him?
            However, the little smirk Amy offered him shortly afterward reassured Nathan.  He still wasn’t proud he was sporting an erection that anyone could see, but the fact that she didn’t seem to think less of him made him feel a little less embarrassed.
            He wasn’t sure what happened in that moment when their gazes locked.  It was almost as if their souls were bared to one another, and all of their wants, needs, and desires could be seen by the other.  Prior to it, they at least had a shot of keeping their feelings for each other at bay for the time being.  However, the passion and frankly, the pure lust in their eyes killed all hopes of that.
            Nathan dropped his suitcase on the floor and turned to face Amy.  His thinking was no longer clear as he put his hands on the bar on either side of her.  Then, without much more warning than that, his mouth plunged onto hers. 

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