Friday, September 13, 2013

Details for Love, Windy City Style #3

I hope all of you are enjoying Private Dancer, and I feel that now is the appropriate time to announce the plot details and stars of the third novel in the Love, Windy City Style series, which I have decided to call Ideal Hero.

The plot goes as follows:

Jennifer Alexander is nothing like the heroines she writes about in her romance novels.  She's not blonde-haired, model-thin, or flirty enough to get the attention of the type of man she dreams of.  So, she's resigned herself to the fact that she will likely never find her perfect man and will simply have to spin stories that satisfy her fantasies.  What she doesn't anticipate is the sexy FBI agent who shocks her with his revelations.

Alex Slade is the man Jennifer has spent her entire life dreaming of.  He's tall, muscled, sinfully sexy.  He's also the type of man who wants a woman like Jennifer.  For years, he's been married to his career and tried to shove his unsuccessful love life into the past.  Now that he's met a woman that he can actually relate to, though, he decides to take a chance.  As a relationship blossoms between them, however, ex-lovers and one partner's lack of self-confidence might just tear them apart...