Love, Windy City Style Series

Hell in Heels (Book 1)

All CEO/single father Nathan Sinclair wants is for his board of directors to make a decision concerning the architect for his publishing company's new headquarters.  What he doesn't anticipate is that the two architects are not only competing for the job, but for his heart as well.  The first candidate is Esmeralda Stoker, a fifty-something cougar who has been after Nathan for over two decades.  The seconds is Amy Raines, a stunning young woman with fresh ideas, a killer body, and sexy stilettos who captures his heart nearly the instant he sees her.  Will one take the job and the other the CEO, or will the winner take it all?

Private Dancer (Book 2)

Jake Bradley has spent most of his adult life living on the edge in life and love. He spends his days as the editor-in-chief of several magazines at Sinclair Publishing and spends his nights in bed with socialites and models. However, he is stopped dead in his tracks by a mysterious woman dancing for money...

Natalie Warner knows Jake is way out of her league from the first time she meets him. Her sleazy world of pole dancing and lecherous men is miles from his weekly society column mentions and playboy lifestyle. Still, she can't get the sandy-haired businessman out of her head. So, not wanting to get too attached, she propositions him with a no-strings-attached fling. However, as the chemistry burns hotter between them and the collision of their worlds forces her to make a life-changing decision, it becomes more difficult to keep their feelings out of the equation...


Ideal Hero

Jennifer Alexander is nothing like the heroines she writes about in her romance novels. She's not blonde-haired, model-thin, or flirty enough to get the attention of the type of man she dreams of. Still, she spends a lot of time thinking back on the fantasy guy she met in Panama City in college, the only one who could ever make her feel beautiful. However, she now must resort to watching his films in a movie theater or seeing him on magazine covers...

Rafe McDonough is an A-list Hollywood actor. With his deep Irish accent and striking good looks, his movies break the box office and the women swoon. However, life in the fast lane is quickly becoming tiring, especially when personal tragedy strikes. The reentry of Jennifer into his life makes him question all that he holds dear and makes his life worth living again, but will the media pressures and insecurities ruin their rekindled romance?

Stand-Alone Novels


Las Vegas is the last place Special Agent Zack Blackthorne expected to find himself dumbstruck for a woman. It was supposed to be all business, investigating one of the most prominent casino owners in the city to prove himself in his job. However, when Cash Callahan's bombshell of a daughter walked in the room, he was lost. The only trouble is he's falling for a woman who doesn't know who he really is... 

Nicole Callahan has spent her entire life under the bright lights of Vegas, the men in her life constantly coming and going. The minute the mysterious Zack catches her eyes, however, all is lost. She can't help but wonder if there is life beyond the neon and gold coins, and he seems to be the man who could take her away from all of it. His elusiveness makes him sexy, but also keeps her asking the obvious question: is the man she's infatuated with who he really says he is?


Celia Emerson lives a double life. On the outside, she is a beautiful, successful artist mesmerizing the East Coast with her mysterious works of art. Behind closed doors, however, Celia harbors a dark secret that has left her elusive and distant. However, there is one tall, dark, handsome stranger who gets her blood pumping and tangles her feelings in knots, making her consider breaking down the walls she put up around herself.

Manhattan attorney Dash Greyson is intrigued by Celia at first glance. Her quiet, private manner boldly contrasts the strokes of color and blatant emotion on her canvases. Even after her initial coolness toward him, he continues pursuing her, desperate to know more about her and how her bottled-up emotions spill onto the easel. When she turns to him as secrets of her pass begin to surface, he finds himself not only protecting her but the passion between them simmering to the boiling point.

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